WORLD MADAM 2022 NZ Finals Endedl, Champion&Jasmine Li

2023-01-12 12:51

The grand finals of 2022 World Madam NZ Division ended at Waipuna Hotel Conference on 26 November 2022 New Zealand time. The judging panel of the event was composed of Rose Foulger, the head judge who has years’experience as a pageant judge internationally; Ms Fiona Li, an opera   singer contracted to New Zealand National Theatre; Mr Kharl Wirepa, a renowned New Zealand high fashion designer; Mr Romeo Yusupov, a New Zealand world champion model and Ms Olga Hudson, a pageant judge with rich experience as a judge for pageant competitions in New Zealand. Joshua Chen, a well known MC in the Chinese community in Auckland conducted the whole grand finals. In addition, the members of the organizing committee of the event and the special guests invited for the event were all known locally.

The grand finals and the award giving ceremony started in the melodious music of “Pokarekare Ana”, a well known Maori love song with 15 contestants in their distinguished costumes featuring unique Maori elements. The contestants, along with the ear pleasing music, showed the audiences their beauty and self confidence in their individually selected dresses of the distinguished style of Maori culture in South Pacific.   

The second competing part of the event was the show of the group dancing called Production Number. All the contestants in uniformed dresses moved to the stage centre. They were dancing uniformly appearing sexy and hot at one moment and charming and enchanting at the next. The audiences were crazy for their dancing performance with whistles and cheers.    

Soon afterwards, 15 charming contestants stepped onto the stage again with the cheerful music for the third part of the competition: Resort Wears.   Clad in their resort wears of eye catching colours and designs, the contestants obviously displayed the aromas of youth, health and beauty.

The final part of the competition was Evening gowns. Again the gentle and relaxing music brought the audiences the competing contestants onto the stage. Each of the contestant held a wreath over her head moving around elegantly in her astonishingly beautiful evening gown. Each turn around of theirs with a sweet smile left an ever lasting memorable impression on the audiences as well as the judges.The contestants surely displayed their unique charm and the independence, self confidence and creativity that modern women have possessed during the whole competition of excellence and happy surprises.

The top eight contestants who were elected out of all the contestants among the cheers from the audiences when the competition was close to the second half then stepped onto the stage for their final contest in the question and answer session. The contestants who won the title of championship, runner up and third place will be qualified to enter for the global grand finals and attend various large scale global   activities. The contestants will continue to display their great images on the world stage and carry the full meaning of the activities further and at an even higher level   via the power shown in the examples of excellent women.

Champion:Jasmine Li

honorary champion: Candi Soo

audience elected Champions Esti Wilson(No 2 on the left), Xin Chu (No 2 on the right)

Runners up:Candice Sweetman(No 2 on the left), Sisi Chen(No 2 on the right)

Third place:Cathy Wang, Frieda Lee

The list of the winners of the grand finals of 2022 World Madam NZ Division is as follows:

- Jasmine Li as the Champion, Champion of the Talent Competition, the winner for the best costume featuring the elements of NZ culture and Best Madam for Personal Achievements

- Esti Wilson and Xin Chu as the audience elected Champions

- Candy Soo as the honorary champion and Madam of Vitality

- Candy Sweetman and Sisi Chen as the Runners up

- Candy Li as the Runner up of the Talent Competition, Madam of the Best Resort Wears and Best Madam for Charms;

- Cathy Wang and Frieda Lee as Third place winners

- Xin Chu as the Third place of the talent competition, Love Ambassador and the Most Popular Madam

- Frieda Lee as Charity Ambassador and Best Madam for Intelligence

- Lisa Kong : Noble Madam

- Anna Liu : Vitality Ambassador

- Shirley Huang as Madam for the Best Smile

- Xu Guo as Madam for the Most Harmonious Family and Best Madam for Deportment

- Esti Wilson as Best Madam for Media Focus and Best Madam for Production Numbers

- Lee Zhao as Best Madam for Morality

- Jacqueline Williams   as Best Madam for Popularity

- Kimberley Zhang as Best Madam for Fashion

- Cathy Wang as Most Photogenic Madam

- Tina Gao as Best Madam for Charms and

- Candice Sweetman as Best Madam for Confidence and Best Madam for Evening Wears

One important part of the event that deserves a special mention is the talent competition for the contestants, which is also an indispensable part of World Madam events. The talent competition was conducted independently which also included charity activities, hence “the talent competition with charity dinner” being the title of the event.   The competition was held on 13 November 2022 ahead of the grand finals. The auctions and the charity sales on the evening of the 13th of Nov 2022 saw a fund raised for Autism NZ up to over NZD8,000! Accordingly, on behalf of Autism NZ, certificates were issued on the evening of the grand finals on 26 Nov by New Zealand International Culture and Arts Exchange Centre, the host of the event, and the organizing committee of the event   to those who made donations to Autism NZ with deep thanks for their love and care.

From 20 August 2022 when the press conference of the event was held to the time when the recruitment and later on the training of contestants for the competition till the great success of the grand finals on the evening of 26 Nov 2022, under the guidance of the headquarters of World Madam together with the unremitting efforts by New Zealand International Culture and Arts Exchange Centre, the host of the event and the organizing committee of the event, the fascinating audiovisual feast of the grand finals was made a reality for the audiences. Special thanks should go to the 16 contestants whose positive attitude towards life is just where the spirit of World Madam lies. They are the madams, daughters and mothers. They have composed a new page of their lives with their actions and shined with their charm!

World Madam is a comprehensive platform embodying the charm of married women around the world with its aim of making contributions to improving the overall quality of women, setting up examples of excellent women, helping the poor, disabled women and children, promoting the talent training for women globally, maintaining social stability and promoting the world peace and development. Launched   by Anni Huang, the founder of this global brand with Lisa Chen being the global executive chairperson, it aims to set up contacts with all the influential married women globally in the fields of politics, economies, science and technology, culture and education etc and awaken and encourage more and more married women to learn how to care for themselves while working for their jobs, families and younger generations through the slogan of Crown Changes Lives and One Step for Madam, One Step for the World so that the concept of being healthy, beautiful, loving, caring for and participating in social welfare activities can be promoted and persisting efforts can be made to help the poor, disabled women and children, to collectively promote the goals of Families share harmony and happiness around the world.

Special thanks go to the following artists and performing groups for their firm support:

Juan Liu, a well known singer in Auckland for her song One moment in time

Team Kraziac by Chois Dance Studio

Volga group 《Gypsy dance》

Kuanza Traditional Chilean Dance Group

Ms Mengmeng Zhang, a Chinas top class artist for her song Love from daughters

Special thanks also   go to the following groups:


World Madam Group Ltd

World Madam College Ltd

World Madam Global Event Management Company Ltd

host unit:

New Zealand International Cultural and Art Exchange Center


Miss New Zealand Organization


NuSkin Independent Associates StellaYang NuBeauty Team

Emma’s finishing Schoo

Beijing Wuweichao Cultural Development Ltd

Beijing Shuting Temperament School

Support unit:

New Zealand International Cultural and Art Exchange Center


Ametrine Rose Health & Beauty

Air Auckland Ltd

FQCL Construction Management Ltd

JEM Events and Media Ltd

BICARE Finance Ltd

Design and Drafting Architectural Designer DDAD

Queen‘s Jewellery

YinKu Ltd

Soul Makeup Station

Red Carpet Ball

Mendo Construction LTD

Garden Hostel


NU SKIN Stella Yang Independent Associates


Leisure Hire NZ

Timeliness Aesthetics

Wayans'Balinese Massage & Beauty

Indonesia Art Management

Nasya Collyer

OctopassIzul Dancer Management

Flooring Design



Imperial Palace Restaurant

New Zealand Overseas Chinese Society

New Zealand Chinese Radio Station FM90.6


L Express Carpet Ltd

Emma‘s Finishing School

Mengmeng Zhang’s Vocal Art School

Choi's Dance Studio(Team Kraziac)

Kunza Traditional Chilean Dance Group

Whikikahu Winnery

NZ Kmart

New Zealand Emier Ltd

Beijing Litinghui Clothing Accessory Dresses

(NB: The above list was made in no particular order)