WORLD MADAM 2021 Global Finals Awards Ceremony CHN|USA|CAN

2022-07-22 10:48

Beijing, June 25, 2022 . The 2021 WORLD MADAM Global Finals Awards Ceremony was successfully held in China, the United States, and Canada via various streaming platforms with Xiamen C&D Trading Co., Ltd. as the Chinese venue title sponsor, Hollywood Culture Media Group as the U.S. venue title sponsor, and Vancouver International Superstar Stage as the Canadian venue title sponsor. The award ceremony also received enormous support from the United Nations Leadership Alliance, the International Women's Federation, the International Beauty Pageant, the World Lady Group, the World Lady College, China International Network Television Group, the European Royal Art Group, Qingdao World Madam Culture   and technology Industry Co., Ltdand the UPlive Pan-entertainment live broadcast platform.

WORLD MADAM series activities have been reported and supported by more than 700 media, including Phoenix Satellite TV, CCTV-4, CCTV, TDM, Huaxia Satellite TV, Hantian Satellite TV, American West Satellite TV, Vancouver Chinese TV, Dragon Eagle Satellite TV, Xiamen Satellite TV, Shanghai TV, Gansu Satellite TV, Datong TV, and Jiaxing TV. The awards ceremony broadcasted live via Uplive, Youtube, Facebook, Baidu, Station B, iQiyi, Huya, Toutiao, Weibo, Yizhuan, Youku, the World Madam official public account and video account, Douyin account, Kuaishou, and some individual self-media accounts of anticipants had more than one million viewers watching simultaneously.

The 2021 WORLD MADAM Global Finals involved 36 national-level organizing committees, and 89 candidates were shortlisted. Due to the pandemic, we spent 45 days first conducting evaluations by viewing candidates' submitted videos. For those who cannot be at the venues, the organizing committees of China, the United States, and Canada specially arranged etiquette ambassadors to receive the awards on behalf of the absent winners.

Annie Huang, the founder of the WORLD MADAM global brand and chairwoman of the board of directors of the WORLD MADAM Group, along with Lisa Chen, the executive chairwoman of WORLD MADAM, and Cady Xu, the executive vice-chairman of WORLD MADAM, delivered their opening speeches jointly during the live broadcast and witnessed the birth of the 2021 World Madams.

Afterward, general manager Ge Zhengwen of Xiamen C&D Trading Co., Ltd., the title sponsor of the WORLD MADAM Global Finals Awards Ceremony, delivered a speech. He expressed that Xiamen C&D Trading will actively support the charity activities of WORLD MADAM to help women evolve and spread the importance of charity works, protecting the environment, and public welfare.

Some attending candidates and etiquette ambassadors in China went up the stage with flags of their regions and kicked off the first Chapter of the awards ceremony by playing [We are World Madams] composed and sung by Madam Liu Liangzi, The 2021 Global Audience Choice Runner-up. The madams and the organizing committees showed unique confidence and grace to the live audience.

In the Chapter of [One Step for Madam, One Step for the World], the attending candidates and the etiquette ambassadors in China gave extraordinary talent and evening dress appearances. In addition, the 2020 global champion Madam Zhou Chunhua specially recorded a video to congratulate the upcoming 2021 WORLD MADAM winners. Mr. Alain Azoulay, the global Director of WORLD MADAM and the chairman of the judging committee for the 2021 Global Finals, again explained the significance of WORLD MADAM competitions through a video, summarized the 2021 global activities, and provided the outlook for 2022 activities.

Interviewing Chairman of the Board of Directors of WORLD MADAM Group Annie Huang by Xiamen Satellite TV

Interviewing WORLD MADAM Global Executive Chairwoman Lisa Chen by Phoenix TV

Finally, in the Chapter [Preparing a Great Madam for the World, Preparing the Great World for Madams], the WORLD MADAM 2021 Global Finals Awards Ceremony came to a successful conclusion.

Global Champion Sandra Leslie White (left) at the Minnesota Venue of the United States

Grace Kuo Lee (center), one of the two Global Overall Champions at the Chinese Taipei Venue

Global Audience Choice Champion Zhazao Wang (center) at Los Angeles, California venue

At Vancouver, Canada venue

At Xiamen, China venue

WORLD MADAM, a comprehensive service platform, highlights the charm of women around the globe, improves the overall status of women, sets the standard for female role models, helps women and children in need, promotes global training for talented women, maintains social stability, and contributes to world peace and development. Through a series of activities, we connect influential women worldwide in politics, economy, technology, culture, education, etc. "One Step for Madam, One Step for the World" and "Crown Changes Lives" are the concepts to awaken and encourage more women to learn to properly care for themselves while working hard for their careers, families, and the next generation. Spreading health, beauty, and love, advocating social welfare activities, helping women and children in need, and making unremitting efforts to promote the vision and goal of "Families Share Harmony and Happiness Around the Global.

List of winners of WORLD MADAM 2021 Global Finals: