Jim Rogers Meets with Founder of World Madam Global Brand, Anni Huang

2023-12-29 13:32

On December 13, 2023, local time in Singapore, Mr. Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Fund and Soros Fund Management and an international investment expert, along with his wife Paige Rogers, met with Ms. Anni Huang, the founder of World Madam Global Brand and Chairwoman of the Board of World Madam Group, and Chairperson of Wisdom International Education Group, Ms. Shirley Ng.

Mr. Rogers expressed his deep admiration for the work and achievements of World Madam, particularly highlighting the efforts and accomplishments of Ms. Huang in promoting women's rights, considering them to be remarkable. He showed a keen interest in the current state and future development of World Madam Group and expressed his willingness to collaborate with Huang to provide more opportunities and support for women entrepreneurs.

This meeting is a significant milestone for World Madam Group, symbolizing its further strengthening in global development and international cooperation. Ms. Huang expressed her enthusiasm for future collaboration with Mr. Rogers and believes that this meeting will open new opportunities and challenges for World Madam. At a time when women's rights are increasingly recognized and valued globally, World Madam Group will continue its commitment to promoting the comprehensive development of women. Leveraging its brand influence and societal engagement, the group aims to secure more employment and development opportunities for women.

Mr. Rogers is recognized as a prominent figure in modern Wall Street, widely acclaimed as one of the most visionary international investors and one of the most successful practitioners in the American securities industry. Besides, he plays multiple roles, including that of an investor, economic analyst, traveler, and author.