Speaker of Dewan Rakyat of Malaysia Meets Anni Huang and Becomes Certifying Officer for World Madam

2023-12-29 13:31

On December 16, 2023, Kuala Lumpur time, Ms. Anni Huang, the founder of World Madam Global Brand, accompanied by the representative of the Malaysian Organizing Committee, had a cordial meeting with Johari bin Abdul, the Speaker of Malaysia's Dewan Rakyat. Mr. Johari gladly accepted Ms. Huang's invitation to become a certifying officer for World Madam.

Mr. Johari expressed his anticipation for World Madam Global Brand to host a series of events in Malaysia, contributing to the development of the country's tourism industry and the advancement of women's causes. He also mentioned that he is very honored to serve as the Honorary Certifying Officer for the 2024 World Madam Malaysia event.

Ms. Huang expressed her gratitude for Malaysia's attention and support towards the World Madam series of events. She was pleased to see the concepts of public welfare and charity being passed on like a baton across countries and regions. She is looking forward to the World Madam series of events opening splendidly in Malaysia, thanks to the meticulous preparation and effort of the entire Malaysian organizing committee members.

Mr. Johari is the highest presiding officer of the Malaysian House of Representatives and, alongside the Chairman of the Malaysian Senate, is the head of the Malaysian federal legislative body.

This meeting symbolizes the further deepening of the cooperative relationship between World Madam Global Brand and the Malaysian government. Ms. Huang stated that with the support of Speaker Johari, she will actively promote the activities of World Madam in Malaysia, dedicated to contributing to the country's tourism and women's affairs. World Madam Global Brand will continue to advocate for women's rights and the development of social welfare initiatives, fostering the growth of women's entrepreneurship and economic independence globally.