2022-03-29 17:11


Singapore time On March 5, 2022, 2021 WORLD MADAM Singapore Division Finals and Awards Ceremony came to a successful conclusion at the Golden Canvas Hotel.This event was hosted by the Singapore International Nanyang Yafeng Cheongsam Cultural Association and co-organized by BSFIT.

Participants of this event:

BSFIT(S) HOLDING PTE LTD, Cindy Ong Director Executive Director Hong Lai Huat Group Limited, Ryan Ong President of International Nanyang Yafeng Cheongsam Cultural Association, Shuling Liang Executive President of International Nanyang Yafeng Cheongsam Cultural Association, Alian Wu International Cheongsam & Culture Association of Singapore, President Yongxu Lin Founder of INNERSENSE brand, Ronghua Lin Culture and Education Accociation of Singapore, President, Dong Yang Culture and Education Accociation of Singapore, Vice president, Nansheng Peng Professiona Finacial Planner in Singapore, Jenny Zhang Jie Senior Art ModelEditor TutorJudge, Manhua Liu Founder of Moon Arts, Singapore Qiufeng XIAOYAN Dance& Art Division, Xiaoyan Tang British ITCE international beautly therapist & ACTA trainer, Alice World Madma Singapore Charity ambassador, Yan Zhuang and many attended the event.


The event was hosted in bilingual by Qiufeng Liu, a famous Singaporean artist, as the emcee.Interspersed with the opening dance of the Madam’s national tide style, Famous Singapore artist Shaozu Huang sings and other programs, The whole award ceremony was very exciting.

The World Lady Contest is divided into two semi-finals and finals. The semi-finals adopt the upward open voting model (140,000 visitors per week);

Chairman of the Jury:

Founder of International Nanyang Yafeng Cheongsam Culture Association Huang Fengyun

Jury members:

Mr. World. Champion of Singapore Division 2021 Aaron Chen

Vice President of Singapore International Cheongsam and Cultural Association XiuJin Yan

2020 World Madam Competition Singapore Ambassador Qianqian Gao

International Lady Singapore. Asia Pacific 2016 Champion Jijuan Li

Singapore Model & Body Teacher; Choreographer Art Director Guangzhi Xu

Singaporean artist Ho Ah Tee

Due to the severity of the epidemic in Singapore, there have been many objective impacts on this competition.

World Madam Competition Under limited conditions, we hope that through this World Lady Contest, we can stimulate the participation, enthusiasm, public welfare and great love of the contestants; Before the competition, we organized many ladies to conduct offline activities, online learning, etc.

2021 WORLD MADAM Competition Singapore Finals took 5 hours of fierce competition, and finally produced major awards. Huang Fengyun, the chairman of the judges of the WORLD MADAM Singapore finals, summed up the comments on the outstanding players on behalf of the judges.


ChampionSong Jiaojiao

Runner-upChen Tianyin

Third PlaceLin Haiqian

Champion Elected by AudienceJocelin Ang

Madam Most Outstanding Personal AchievementSong   Jie

Madam CharityYuan Yujiao

Madam WisdomWang Hui

Madam Most TemperamentXiong Dezhen

Madam Best StyleFeng Xiuqin

Madam Most VirtuousGan Liju

Madam Most TalentedChen FengMadam Most Photogenic Gao Mei

Madam Most media attentionPeng LiMadam Most Harmonious FamilyChen Xiaoming

Love AmbassadorWang Qiaoyun & Yang Guangyao & Wang Chunling & Teng Lanhua & Zhou Xiru