Official Statement Of WORLD MADAM Brand |WORLD MADAM世界夫人品牌官方严正声明

2023-12-06 21:41

Recently, our company has received multiple reports, alleging that some uninformed media and WeChat Moments, the so-called "World Madam Competition" public WeChat account, related Tiktok video accounts, and other platforms have promoted events such as the "World Madam Global Competition held in Shenzhen" and the "2023 World Madam China-East China Division and China Finals Direct Qualification." Additionally, there have been identity claims such as "Global Chairman | Chief Director Feng Yuezhen" and "Chairman of the Board of Directors of the World Madam Competition Hu Yuanjun." There have also been incidents of malicious individuals altering Baidu Baike entries, impersonating employees of the World Madam Group, attacking WORLD MADAM founder Ms. Anni Huang, and even using the name of World Madam Group and Ms. Huang for illegal activities.

To prevent the public from being misled, World Madam Group and our company, as the only authorized entity of the WORLD MADAM international brand in China, hereby jointly declare: The above-mentioned activities and identity claims do not originate from the official WORLD MADAM international brand. Ms. Anni Huang, the founder of the WORLD MADAM global brand, and the World Madam Group, the only global brand operator, have never authorized any of the aforementioned organizations or individuals. The official global finals organized by the World Madam Group for the year 2023 were successfully held in New York, USA, in October 2023; the 2023 World Madam China Finals organized by World Madam (Qingdao) International Cultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. was also successfully held in Shanghai in July 2023. All winners have been outlets. We urge the public to be vigilant and discerning of authenticity.If you have suffered any financial loss, please seek legal assistance immediately to protect your legitimate rights and interests.

Evidence shows that the organizations represented by Feng Yuezhen and Hu Yuanjun, as well as these individuals themselves, have been spreading false propaganda through uninformed media since 2018, claiming that "World Madam was introduced to China by Feng Yuezhen in 2017." According to multiple court judgments in Shanghai, Guangxi, Guangdong, and other places, it has been clearly stated that the actions of Feng, Hu, and their organizations "exceed the tolerable range of commercial exaggeration and mislead the public, thereby harming public interests" once false propaganda is linked to the involved events. There have been at least seven judgments ruling against the behavior of these organizations, represented by Feng Yuezhen as the legal representative and Hu Yuanjun as a shareholder, for obtaining illegal benefits through false propaganda and other means. Among them, in lawsuits where our side and partners were damaged due to their false propaganda, there have been final judgments requiring the losing party to bear responsibility, but the winning party has yet to receive the reimbursement owed to our partners. The judgment details can be found in:

Shanghai First Instance Case Number: (2021) Shanghai 0104 Min Chu 10895; Shanghai Second Instance Case Number: (2022) Shanghai 73 Min Zhong 627; Guangxi First Instance Case Number: (2021) Guangxi 0108 Min Chu 8352; Guangxi Second Instance Case Number: (2022) Guangxi 01 Min Zhong 10173; Guangdong First Instance Case Number: (2021) Guangdong 0106 Min Chu 25666; Guangdong Second Instance Case Number: (2023) Guangdong 01 Min Zhong16159; Fujian First Instance Case Number: (2022) Fujian 0203 Min Chu 568.

WORLD MADAM activities, initiated by Anni Huang, aim to enhance women's comprehensive quality, establish outstanding female role models, and help impoverished, disabled women and children, promoting world peace and development. As a major international event, it has gradually gained recognition from all sectors of global society and active participation from numerous outstanding women. We solemnly remind everyone: any activities not explicitly agreed upon or authorized by the World Madam Group Limited Company or Ms. Anni Huang personally are unrelated to the WORLD MADAM international official brand. We urge all parties to recognize the WORLD MADAM official exclusive logo to avoid unnecessary legal disputes.

Hereby, a solemn statement is made in accordance with applicable laws.

World Madam Group Limited   

World Madam (Qingdao) International Cultural Technology Development Co., Ltd.

December 5, 2023