World Madam International Cultural Week Wraps up with Resounding Success in New York

2023-11-29 17:24

NEW YORK, October 20 - Sponsored by the World Madam Foundation and organized in partnership with the World Madam Group and various other organizations, the "WORLD MADAM International Culture Week" took place in New York from October 3rd to 10th. Esteemed guests from diverse backgrounds and Madams representing different corners of the globe lauded the richness and scope of this cultural extravaganza.

Throughout the Culture Week, a myriad of colorful activities unfolded like a vibrant tapestry. There were solemn meetings between World Madams and U.S. dignitaries, as well as heartfelt charity events. The judging processes and grand award ceremonies were highlights, while lively carriage parades added a festive atmosphere.

Additionally, Madam candidates from countries and regions engaged in profound discussions with scholars from the Education for Persistence and Innovation Center(EPIC)of Columbia University. They also visited the UN Headquarters in New York and held insightful sharing sessions.

The selection segment shone brightly, grabbing attention. After passionate personal narratives, dazzling talent displays, and witty repartees, Jasmine Li from New Zealand and Lili Han from New York were crowned the overall champions for 2022. Meanwhile, Vu Thi Thu Huong from Singapore and Sepideh Behboudi from Canada took the titles for 2023.

Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned of Qatar was honored as the Global Honorary Champion of 2022, and Oscar-nominated Mexican artist Yalitza Aparicio received the title for 2023.

Participation from over 30 Madam candidates from countries like the U.S., Canada, New Zealand, and the UK, alongside their supporters, added a stellar aura to the event.

On October 7th, the award ceremony took place at the iconic Gotham Hall in New York. Prominent attendees included Lester Chang, a New York State Assembly member; Peter Koo, a senior advisor to Deputy Mayor for Public Safety Phil Banks; Charles P. Wang, former Vice Chairman of U.S. Commission on Civil Rights; renowned NYU professor James C. Hsiung; Anni Huang, founder of the World Madam global brand; World Madam Global Executive Chairwoman Lisa Chen; World Madam Global Director Alain Azoulay; World Madam Global Artistic Director Mariana Popazlateva; World Madam Global Image Ambassador Laura Weissbecker; and Roxana Zachos, the globally elected champion of 2020, among others.

Over 300 guests from the fields of art, education, finance, diplomacy, and media worldwide were in attendance.

At the ceremony, the World Madam Global Committee awarded Charles P. Wang, editor-in-chief of the "Society & Diplomatic Review" m

agazine Gloria Starr Kins, and EPIC professor Dr. Xiaodong Lin-Siegler with the World Madam Advisory Lifetime Achievement Award. Lifetime Achievement Awards for the World Madam Committee level were given to Lisa Chen, Steven Fang, Xiaoyun Gao, and Xuefen Mo. Other awards for outstanding committee members and individual contributors were also presented.

The award ceremony was hosted by 2021 Global Champion Zaozao Wang. Runner-up Celestine Liu performed the World Madam theme song, and Lisa Chen, Laura Weissbecker, Die Zhang (European Executive Chair), and award-winning Madams showcased their artistic talents.

On the afternoon of October 8th, the award-winning Madams and their entourage took a celebratory carriage ride through Central Park, creating a moving spectacle that drew the admiration and awe of onlookers, filling the air with applause and cheers.

On the morning of October 9th, a group of winning Madams visited the Columbia University campus, enhancing its atmosphere with their talks in collaboration with scholars from the EPIC. In the evening, some of these winners, along with their close associates, shared their experiences and insights at a reception in the Delegates Dining Room on the fourth floor of the UN Headquarters.

As night deepened, the World Madam International Culture Week came to a perfect conclusion with the melodic strains of the erhu, played by renowned musician Professor Ma Xiaohui.

Lisa Chen noted that, as of October 2023, the World Madam Group had received applications from around 60 countries and regions, with approximately 40 having already hosted events under the World Madam banner. By unofficial count, over 100 large events and another 100 charitable donations have taken place worldwide, with over 50,000 exceptional women either directly or indirectly involved, creating profound impacts.

Adam Erol, the World Madam Executive Chair for Turkey, remarked, "Participating in the World Madam International Culture Week not only provided a unique judging experience but also provoked deep reflection on the essence of the World Madam culture. I've come to deeply appreciate the bonds that tie us together as humans and value the genuine worth of friendships. I look forward to the day the World Madam assembly gathers in Turkey."

The events of the World Madam International Culture Week received a positive response in New York City. Assemblyman Lester Chang warmly welcomed the madams attending the World Madam cultural event in New York. He also expressed his desire to award certificates to the primary participants of the event.

About World Madam Foundation:

Established by Anni Huang, the World Madam Foundation aims to build a bridge between the East and the West, creating a space for global women leaders to collaborate and inspire each other. The foundation supports projects that celebrate wisdom, beauty, talent, and cultural exchange. In its mission, the foundation remains committed to contributing to world peace and the prosperity of human civilization.

Announcement of World Madam

2022|2023 Award Winners List

1, Global Honorary Overall Champion


2023: YAL ITZA APARICIO (Mexico)

2, Global Overall Champion

2022:JASMINE LI (New Zealand);LILI HAN(USA)

2023: VU THI THU HUONG (Singapore); SEPIDEH BEHBOUDI (Canada)

3, Global Audience Choice Champion

2022:IRINA CHOY (Chinese Taipei)


4, Global Deportment Champion   

2022: IRINA CHOY (Chinese Taipei)

2023:PEGGY DAVIES (Canada)

5, Global Talent Champion   

2022: DEENA THEODORA (Canada)

2023: JIANI LU (China)

6, Global Intellectual Champion   

2022: SHUPIN CAI (China)


7, Global Overall Runner-up

2022: NGALAI LEONG (Macao)


8, Global Overall Third Place



9, Global Madam Most Outstanding Achievement

2022:MEILI CHANG (Chinese Taipei)

2023: ANGELA AQUINO (Philippines)

10, Global Madam Best in Morality

2022: SHUPIN CAI (China)


11, Global Madam Charity Ambassador

2022:MEILI CHANG (Chinese Taipei); AILEEN LEUNG(Australia)

2023:VU THI THU HUONG (Singapore)

12, Global Madam Most Influential


2023: PASCALE VERRIER ELIE (Haiti); DONG AN (Canada)

13, Global Madam Most Inspirational



14, Global Madam Most Self Assured


      HAIXIAN FANG (Australia)

2023: VACANT

15, Global   Madam Best in Family Harmony

2022:JASMINE LI (New Zealand)


16, Global Madam Most Charming

2022:DEENA THEODORA (Canada)

2023:JIANI LU (China)

17, Global Most Charismatic Madam

2022:NGALAI LEONG (Macao)


18, Global Madam Most Fashionable

2022:PEGGY DAVIES (Canada)

2023:VU THI THU HUONG (Singapore)

19, Global Madam Best Temperament



List of Global Online Awardees

for World Madam 2022|2023

1, Global Online Popular Vote Champion

2022:WENQIN HUANG (China)

2023:SOM SREYNEATH (Cambodia)

2, Global Online Popular Vote Runner-up

2023:LINGZHI LU (China)

3, Global Online Popular Vote Third place

2022:MANHENG SIN (Macao)           

2023:HUA ZHANG (China)