2022-03-29 16:22


[New York time, February 26, 2022]   The 2021 WORLD MADAM USA Finals and Awards Ceremony came to a successful conclusion. The event was held at the HTTV and co-organized by Hollywood Culture Media Group, Uplive America, Hantian Satellite TV USA, Dragon Eagle Satellite TV USA, JMK/M3 Model Media Academy USA, Taste of Beauty, and UTV USA.


Mayor Tony Ding of San Gabriel, California, Mayor Allen WU of Walnut City, California, Global Executive Chairwoman Lisa Chen of WORLD MADAM and Chairwoman of Hollywood Culture Media Group, Honorary Chairman Li Ji of WORLD MADAM USA Division and Chairman of HTTV, Executive Chairwoman Christine of WORLD MADAM USA Division and President of Uplive America, Executive Chairwoman Julie Shen of WORLD MADAM California Division and CEO of MK/M3 Model Media Academy, Executive Vice Chairwoman Angel Lee of WORLD MADAM California Division, Executive Chairwoman Diane of WORLD MADAM New York Division, Executive Chairwoman Rosaline of WORLD MADAM Nevada Division, important guests including Vaz Andreas of WORLD MADAM USA Division Artistic Consultant, and many attended the event.


WORLD MADAM Global Director Alain Azoulay was the Chairman of the Judging Panel at this event. Ivy Geng, the founder of UTV Media and a known emcee in the Los Angeles area, and Sky Patterson, a known bilingual emcee of the Hollywood area, are the emcees of this event.


There were a total of 8 members in the judging panel for the USA Finals, including Global Director Alain Azoulay of the WORLD MADAM Competition and Chairman of the USA Finals Judging Panel, the founder of Los Angeles Indian Fashion Week Smita Vasant, also one of the most outstanding 24 Indian women in the United States. WORLD MADAM Global Music Director Jonny Blu, also a Hollywood Music Producer and RIAA Gold Record Singer, LA KIDS FASHION WEEK Director Raven Wilson, WORLD MADAM Global Image Ambassador, the Famous French Actress Laura Weissbecker, WORLD MADAM Global Artistic Director, Bulgarian Coloratura Soprano Mariana Popzlateva, Fashion America TV HOST/Producer/Director Shelly Skyes, WORLD MADAM USA Division Executive Vice President Alice Zhang.

The 2021 WORLD MADAM USA Finals adopts online voting and a 5-hour onstage competition. Finally, major award winners were announced by WORLD MADAM USA Finals Judging Panel Chairman Alain Azoulay as follow:

Champion Zao Zao Wang & Liang Zi Liu

Runner-up Yanni Yang & Leane Lee

Third Place Jianying Zhan &Lori Wang &Leyan Wei

Champion Elected by Audience Alexandra Banasik

Runner-up Elected by Audience : Tracy Phillipi & Sandra White

Third Place Elected by Audience : Marian P.Yazar,&Faith Bailey & Priscla Oliveira

Madam Most Virtuous Elected by Audience∶Shaneece Watkins

Love Ambassador Lola Smollen

Madam Most Outstanding Personal AchievementQueenie Liu

Madam Most Virtuous Deedee Gao

Madam Most Talented Qingyao Zou

Madam Best Manner MadamXinyu Liu

Madam CharityMaggie Ma

Madam Wisdom Nie Wen

Madam Most Harmonious FamilyTiffany Pheung

Madam Most ConfidentLeah Sun

Madam Most AttractiveFengxiang Cai